Saturday, September 27, 2008


My first real night here in Spain was very amusing. In the city of Villaviciosa, it was their annual city fiesta. It is much like our city celebrations at home, with a carnival and fireworks and all that. On Thursday, there was a band called Fondo Flamenco that was performing in the middle of the city. Rogelio invited me to come with him and meet his friends and go to this concert, so I went. I actually loved the music, even though I didn’t understand a word! The atmosphere at the concert was much like it is at home, a bunch of teenagers crammed together singing and dancing to the music.
On Friday, Brie and I went with everybody to the carnival in Villa.

That night we just got to know everybody and stood around in the parking lot all night! Its funny to hear them try to speak english to us, we get a kick out of it.

Everybody here is way nice and tries to help us get around with our awful Spanish. I love living with the Molina’s but I'm very excited to go live with my host family! Sorry if my blogs are very boring, I'm writing it more for myself, that's why it's so long! I'll try to make them more interesting but I'm not promising anything...

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AMY said...

Love the blog!!! so jealous of the adventures you are having!!! be safe!!! luv ya!!