Friday, May 22, 2009

Aruba... Island Paradise

Well I just got back from another amazing week in.... ARUBA!! The prettiest little island I have ever been to, by far. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and sun sun sun! It was so warm and humid there, my favorite weather. We honestly didn't do much at all, just sat around being lazy for an entire week. Couldn't have been better though! Loved staying on Eagle Beach, just a short (and sometimes crazy) bus ride from downtown and also from the high rise hotels, with plenty of places to shop and eat. Amazing. The "Utah girls" even got up there and did some karaoke, and got forced to sing to Britney Spears because everybody outside the US thinks its amazing that we have the same name... whatever. The Great Gretta got us sweet tickets over there, and Amy set us up with a place to stay, and me, my sister Brooke and her friend Stephanie all tagged along. All in all, it was a great trip, and I would definitely want to visit the little island of Aruba again someday!

Girls night out on the town! My momma, me, Amy, Brooke and Stephanie

Surfs up! oh wait... not quite right.....

I am an EXCELLENT snorkeler as long as the fish don't touch me. Otherwise, I scream and laugh and come up with a nose full of salt water. But seriously who's scared of fish? psshhh....

The Natural Bridge... that wasn't really there anymore. Beautiful coast though huh.

Sunset over our beach