Thursday, July 9, 2009

Its offical....

WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!! Chase and I have chosen to be married in the Salt Lake Temple on the 18th of September, and I couldn't be happier!!! The plans are coming along, and I'm very excited to finally get married to my high school sweetheart :)
Chase did an amazing job on the proposal, and its quite a cute story! I'll start from the beginning... For Christmas last year, his parents bought me a plane ticket to go to Cancun with the fam when Chase got home from his mission (he served in the Portland Oregon Spanish Speaking Mission). Needless to say, I was ecstatic. So we all flew off to Cancun on Saturday, June 27th and stayed there for a week. On Thursday, everyone took a ferry to a little island off the coast called Isla Mujeres. It was seriously the cutest little island ever! We walked down to the North Beach in the scorching hot sun, and played in the ocean for a little bit. After lunch, we rented scooters and a golf cart, and took off to explore the island. Chase took me to see the turtles, to a really pretty look at point with zip lines, and we ended up on the east shore. We climbed up the winding steps to a cute white lighthouse on the edge of the point, and enjoyed the view for a bit. Chase then started asking where his sister Lindsey was, because he "needed his camera." I told him over and over that I had mine and he didn't need his, but was insisting on finding Linds and getting his camera. He started going down to look for her, and told me to stay put. Another little family came up and joined us then, and I just continued taking pictures, totally obvious to everything. While I was waiting for Chase to come back, I thought to myself, "I really like this lighthouse, how cute and romantic would it be to be proposed to up here?" But I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind because I didn't think Chase had a ring or was planning on proposing in Mexico. Boy, was I wrong!! At that moment, Lins came up with the ring, then everybody disappeared down the stairs. Chase and I were looking over the edge at the skyline of Cancun, and he pointed in a different direction and told me to "look over there!" and when I turned around, he was down on one knee!!! He asked me to marry him, and I just said, "Are you serious babe?!? Is this really happening?!?!" He reassured me that it was real, and put the ring on my finger. I jumped into his arms and of course, started to cry. (just a little bit though..... :) ) He pointed over the edge of the lighthouse, and we looked over to see his whole family there, cheering us on. It was absolutely, 100% perfectly amazing! I was still shaking while we enjoyed the moment on the top for a little bit, then went down to meet his family. They congratulated us and hugged us both. I am so lucky to finally get to be a part of the Warnick family, and get to be with the love of my life for eternity. Its a dream come true..... I love you Chase!!!

My amazingly handsome fiancé on the top of the lighthouse, seconds before the big moment.

Showing off the ring after I shouted a big YES! from the top.

YAY!!!! Happy day for both of us :)

My sweet purple and blue/green ring. I love it!