Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My New Family!!!

I absolutely love my family here in Madrid. I was very nervous to come here and live with people I don’t know but it has been so fun! My Spanish mom, Ester, is very very nice and super cool. She speaks English perfectly so its fun to talk to her about everything. Her husband Pedro is also very nice even though I haven’t been around him much because he works until late. Alejandra (Alex) is the youngest and she is 5. She has more energy than any other little girl I’ve ever known! She is also extremely smart. She knows English very well because she is in an English school in Arturo Soria (our area of Madrid) and takes classes in both Spanish and English. She goes to school from 9 until 5 everyday! I honestly don’t know how the teachers keep her attention so long. I can’t even control her for an hour! But she is really sweet and I have a lot of fun with her. Jorge is the middle child, and he is 10 years old. He is also extremely smart and goes to an English school as well. He is the biggest sweetheart ever, I just love him! At dinner, he helps me with my Spanish and is very good at not laughing at me when I know I sound totally ridiculous. That boy never stops talking and is always telling me stories about his family or people at school and it takes us forever to get any of his homework done but hey it makes it fun for me! Pedro is the oldest and he is 12. Pedro is a slower learner but again he is such a sweet little boy. He goes to a normal Spanish school and takes an English class there but doesn’t learn very much so he’s the one I mainly work with. We work on the basics like sentence structure and vocabulary so I have a lesson book and go through it with him everyday.They also have a housekeeper, Gladys, who doesn’t speak or understand English at all so that’s interesting! But she wants me to speak to her in English so that she can learn so we will see how that goes! I wish I could speak to her in Spanish though because I desperately need to improve in that area but I'm supposed to speak English 24/7 with my family so its hard to get practice in. So I designated dinner to be my time to practice my Spanish so hopefully that will help me! Oh ya, I forgot Timmy the dog. He is very crazy and hyper just like the rest of the family but I like him most of the time. He isn’t trained at all so that makes it hard but oh well. So that’s my family! Its funny because they are a lot like my real family. They already treat me like their older sister and I’ve only been here 3 days but I love it so much. They are very sweet to me just like my brothers are and we get along great! We also play a lot together and I seriously love being at home with them. There is never a dull or quiet moment here, just like at the Maxwell house! I’ll keep you posted on the family a lot, I'm sure that will be what I talk about the most! I really did get very lucky :) I haven't taken any pictures of the house yet, but it is beautiful! I will also take lots of pictures of the family this week. Hasta Luego!

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